White Sails: New album done!

New album shocker

Big news today… We have finished our second full-length album titled “Memory & Desire”. Took a couple of months longer to complete the work than we had anticipated since we decided to include a 10th song at the 11th hour. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to getting this music out there in the world. Special thanks go out to our friends in Seattle, Matt Brown and Levi Seitz for their great work (in mixing and mastering respectively). 

Track listing is as follows:

1. Dream of Flying
2. Come in From The Storm
3. Lost Again
4. October Fields
5. Lifelines
6. And You And I
7. Under a Northern Sky
8. In The Blood
9. Cities of The Plain
10. Sensations

Total running time: 39 minutes plus change

We’ll probably start streaming the album soon (watch this space), the digital and physical release dates are still tbd (possibly around Halloween for digital, CD mid-November…?). Hope everyone’s well and getting ready for the Winter. I know I am… Cheers, Ville / White Sails

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